Thursday, August 29, 2013

Linda Ronstadt: Simple Dreams

Last week we sadly learned that one of our greatest Tucsonans Linda Ronstadt has Parkinson's Disease and it will end her legendary career.  If it hurts this much as a fan, I cannot imagine how hard this is for Ms. Ronstadt. I searched our catalog and was pleased to find that we still own a wonderful assortment of her discography and her new biography that the library will soon be receiving.  As a loving tribute to this Goddess of  Rock and Latin American music, I'd like to share some stories, discuss the importance of her as a rock icon,  and applaud her majestic Spanish records. Please continue reading.

I was born into a home of Linda Ronstadt fans. I clearly remember many summers by our pool while mom and dad played songs from the "Simple Dreams" and "Heart Like A Wheel" albums. My mom was really into her Spanish records " Canciones De Mi Padre" and "Mas Canciones".  These were the two albums that actually got me interested in Spanish music. Most of all, I fondly remember my mom  buying me the cassette for the soundtrack of "An American Tail"  when I was in 1st grade. It included the famous song "Somewhere Out There" by Linda Ronstadt and James Ingram.

Once my brother and I were rummaging through mom and dad's 45 vinyl collection and when my brother found the 45 single for The Stone Poney's "Different Drum", it was as if we had just found the holy grail.

Linda Ronstadt's new biography "Simple Dreams" is on order for the library and I recommend that you reserve it now before the list gets bigger. It is a musical memoir and should be a very good read.

I would strongly recommend "Canciones De Mi Padre". It is some of her Spanish work and this DVD concert is spectacular. Even for those who do not speak Spanish like myself.  I believe this is by far her finest work and you truly get to hear her channel this amazing tool of a voice and project it into one of the finest instruments ever heard. She truly is a siren here and proves it. You will be moved.

"Heart Like A Wheel"  is a wonderful album that is one of her best known works that featured "You're no good". This one really established her as a rock icon on 70's radio.

"Simple Dreams"  is another one that really put her on the map. The album featured  "It's so easy" and "Blue Bayou".

My personal favorite album is "Dedicated To The One I love". It is an album of soft lullaby type songs that spotlight her amazing voice. Her magical cover of "Be My Baby" is my favorite and I never grow tired of it. The production of this record is very high quality and heavily underrated.

If you would like to reserve any of these titles, please click here.

Thank you for reading and enjoy.



  1. Nice, Fred! I also enjoy "Under African Skies," her duet with Paul Simon on Gaceland. He even wrote her a verse in that song: "I said take this child, Lord, from Tucson, Arizona, give her the wings to fly in harmony and she won't bother you no more."

    1. Thank you for the compliment. I adore Paul Simon. Graceland is a very good record. My brother and I saw him play with Bob Dylan in 1999 in Phoenix and it was the best show I have ever seen. He played mostly songs from Graceland. Thank you for reading.



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